About us

MyanmarTrainTicket is an independent train ticket reseller. We commit this service with the intention of delivering our customers with most convenience way.

With us, customers can get one stop train booking service, check their order status online, receive paper ticket with guarantee service in Myanmar.  Unlike other bus company, we will tell you exactly which Train route you will be taking, what you will get and what you should expect. 

We have our IT team looking after the booking system to make sure whole system goes smooth and in the same time, develop our system to meet our customer need at all time. 


Our Group of Companies offer total flexibility within your budget range;

www.myanmarbusticket.com – One stop bus ticketing service for any route through out Myanmar

www.myanmardaytrip.com – Choose any day you like for sightseeing or show

www.greenmyanmarcarrental.com - Buy car rental service throughout Myanmar

www.bookmyanmarhotels.com - Just book best rate hotel only