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  1. Get booking and passport copy from you
  2. Print that out and submit form to ministry of rail transportation myanmar with our tour license
  3. Issue Paper ticket at another Day
  4. Deliver paper ticket to your hotel or pick up at our ticket collection point

Reasons why Myanmar Train Ticket is great ...

Tried, Tested and Recommended

Tried, Tested and Recommended

Our Mother company Green Myanmar Travel & Tours Co., Ltd is running the tour business since 2012 and serving to thousands of bookings to millions of travellers already. We are the one and the only reputable online booking company in Myanmar Travel & Tour industry that launch Tour, Flight, Bus, Cruise and Train booking sites. Please give us a chance to provide you our best guarantee service that we have to offer.

Price Check Promise

Price Check Promise

It is our job to find best deal and local suppliers with quality service. we can guarantee our service and price to be best and most suitable for you with our safety standard if you choose Myanmar for your next holiday. In addition, we hate hearing Myanmar is expensive from travellers. Thus, we try every penny you spend is worth with us.

Tried, Tested and Recommended

Quick, Easy and

Nobody has time to arrange holiday until you are on holiday. Don't worry, we got your back. All of our online booking system are Quick, Easy and secured with varieties of payment options. We won't let you down.

Tried, Tested and Recommended

Expert Customer Service

We are the only place who provides 24/7 English customer service in Myanmar. Some of our customers even call to us to talk with their taxi driver during their visit in Myanmar. We are willing to help our customers as much as we can while you are in Myanmar. Vice Versa, we might call you when we visit to your country :-) .